How to Convert PDF to Word online free With FacePdf

PDFs have become one of the most essential parts of modern business operation. To keep a record of their customers, sales and to send invoices, PDFs have made it convenient way better than ever. A PDF, if you do not know is a portable and electronic version of a large paper document file format. In […]

How to Convert Any Format into PDF

PDF: PDF(Portable Document Format) is used for viewing the document or file in an Electronic form. It does not depend upon any application, hardware or operating system. PDF was founded by Abode corporation in the year of 1993. ISO(International Organisation for standardisation) was taking up the PDF development from the Abode companies in the year […]

How to Convert PDF To TIFF Online for Free With FacePdf

TIFF Converter: TIFF (Tag Image File Format) founded by the Aldus Company now Adobe Corporation in the year 1986. It is the computer/ desktop document format used for saving graphic images or pictures, graphic artist, and establishing sector and used in various functions like scanning, documenting, word-processing, indexing, desktop establishing, graphics, editing and page layout […]

How to Convert PDF Files To PNG Images for Free?

PNG Converter: PNG(Portable Network Graphics) founded in the year of 1996 by the PNG development group which was denoted to W3C corporation. It overcomes the format of GIF(Graphics Interchange Format). PNG is an open-sourceformat, and it can be extended as .png and its uniform type identifier(UTI) as public.png. It is Palette depends on images or […]

Easy Steps Convert PDF File To JPG Image With FacePdf

JPG Converter: A huge number of image or picture file formats are available for saving graphical data and subsequently there is a huge number of complexitiesassociated with converting from one image or picture format into another format. The enormous amounts of images or pictures are native to one particular graphic software or application which are […]

Convert PDF to Word DOC Free with FacePDF

Doc Converter: The PDF is converted into a Document (Doc) file with the help of PDF to DOC converter which is offered by the company FacePdf. Actually, MS Document was founded by the corporation Microsoft, which is working under the present version of Mac OS X and operating system is Microsoft windows which were launched in the year […]

Steps to Convert PDF Files to DOCX Files with FacePDF

DOCX Converter: DOCX Document is the latest model or version of DOC format. Both DOC and DOCX are opened in a Microsoft word. DOCX is an auspicious XML format which helps us to convert from PDF file to DOCX file within a decade of seconds. There is a certain procedure for converting these files or […]

How to Convert PDF Files To Powerpoint (PPT or PPTX)

PPT Converter:PPT(Power Point Presentation) was founded by Robert Gaskins and Austin who was working in Software corporation named as Forethought Inc. PPT was launched in the year of 1987 andin the first version, PPT was used only on Desktop computer. Now of course it can be used in many portable devices like Mobile phone and […]


DOCX is the new version of DOC format. They are both opened using Microsoft Word itself. A DOCX is an effective XML format, making it extremely popular. This tool is extremely beneficial for working eras as it converts the PDF into a word file within a couple of seconds. There is a specific procedure for […]