Steps to Convert PDF Files to DOCX Files with FacePDF

DOCX Converter:

DOCX Document is the latest model or version of DOC format. Both DOC and DOCX are opened in a Microsoft word. DOCX is an auspicious XML format which helps us to convert from PDF file to DOCX file within a decade of seconds.

There is a certain procedure for converting these files or document into a DOCX format. There is a simple rule to follow this file into the required DOCX document.

Steps to convert from PDF files into DOCX files:

  1. First, go to FacePdf website and select the tool PDF to DOCX converter.
  2. Select the file which you want to convert from PDF to DOCX format.
  3. The file which you select is converting from PDF to DOCX format.
  4. While the process completed you will receive the notification as Download your DOCX file.
  5. At last, you will download your DOCX file.

This is the process while we are following to convert your PDF file into the required DOCX file. This displays us the percentage completion on the display while we are following this process. This is the 100 % evidence of your file is fully completed DOCX file.

PDF to DOCX converter is the best tool for the current generation to rectify many problems to full-fill the needs of people. It helps us to convert from PDF to DOCX file easily and we need not to struggle with other tools.

The PDF file is unchangeable so that we can use PDF to DOCX converter. It helps us to change anything and everywhere in PC and portable device like Tablet, and Mobile phone.


The second version of solid converter, PDF was launched in the year 2004. In 2004, solid converter, PDF files used only for editing purpose. This is the oldest tool for editing purpose before launching the document file. The fourth version/ model was launched in the year 2008. To overcome the difficult features in solid PDF, Microsoft launched the new product named as Document(Word). The main advantage of this updated version is to directly edit your PDF file. In the year of November 2008 Microsoft launched the new features in the latest updated version like table editing, workflow development, watermark, Extract PDF to .csv. After a few years, Microsoft again launched new updated version 8.0. In this version, Microsoft developed the software which is helping us to allow visitors to scan PDF easily. The advantage of this version is to increase the speed of the processors, and working performance.

The version 9.0 was launched in the year 2014 for recovery of past data which is entered in the early stage. The version 9.0 is the main role plays the Microsoft corporation to stimulate the development of new product like Microsoft Excel.


We can convert any type of document like Excel, Word, Power point, Tiff, GIF, BMP, Text, JPG, PNG, PDF file into document file with the help of document (DOCX) converter by dropping or uploading our document. It will automatically convert into DOCX file. It is a free service for document up to 20 pages or 50 MB. By using our free service you do not need to sign-in, enter your email address or any contact phone number. FacePdf does not store any of your documents or PDF file. You do not need to install any applications or software for using FacePdf. It is absolutely free and our service is not only performed in Google Chrome but also it can also perform the task in many other Browsers such as, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. You can use the free DOCX file document anywhere or everywhere with the help of internet connection. We are providing the best solution of content without affecting the quality of the document.

Merits/ Benefits of PDF to DOCX converter:

Maintain Time:

It maintains time and it is having a feature of drag and drop when you are dragging your file in PDF to DOCX converter. Your file will automatically convert a DOCX file within a couple of seconds.

Use Easily:

No need your file is editable. It will help us to edit your file easily and editable too and you can easily access your DOCX file.

Compress your file size:

You can change the content or compress your image where you need and you can relocate your image also.

Easily Accessible:

To make your file creative and attractive DOCX file will help us to access easily and give your DOCX will make better.

The PDF to DOCX converter helps us to change anything and everything whatever you want. It helps in the Education sector, Corporate Companies and other sectors also. This makes your file looks better and innovative and it is useful for every person. There are many converters are useful for converting your PDF to DOCX file. FacePdf is providing the best solution to convert your PDF file into DOCX file because we protect your file and we delete your file from our server.

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