How to Convert PDF Files To Powerpoint (PPT or PPTX)

PPT Converter:
PPT(Power Point Presentation) was founded by Robert Gaskins and Austin who was working in Software corporation named as Forethought Inc. PPT was launched in the year of 1987 andin the first version, PPT was used only on Desktop computer. Now of course it can be used in many portable devices like Mobile phone and Tablet too. After three months Microsoft bought the software Power Point and the company Microsoft launched a business partnership with the Forethought Corporation, from which started the revolution of Power Point Presentation in the world.

Macintosh is the first model of the PPT was introduced in the year 1987 which was used to produce various transparencies. The next model of PPT is Macintosh along with windows 10 which was introduced in the year of 1990 which was used to produce colour 25 mm slides. The third model was introduced in the year of 1992 for the video and project the images on the slides. The latest model of the PPT was introduced in the year of 2007 which was mainly operates on mode and they have additional features like Apple Macintosh and Windows, IOS, Apple and Mac etc.

Steps to convert from PDF files into PPT files:

  1. First, Go to FacePdf website and select the tool PDF to PPT converter.
  2. Select the file which you want to convert from PDF to PPT format.
  3. The file which you select is converting from PDF to PPT format.
  4. While the process completed you will receive the notification as Download your PPT file.
  5. Atlast, you will download your PPT file.

This is the process while we are following to convert your PDF file into the required PPT file. This displays us the percentage completion on the display while we are following this process. This is the 100 percent evidence of your file is fully completed PPT file.

PDF to PPT converter is the best tool for the current generation to rectify many problems to full-fill the needs of people. It helps us to convert from PDF to PPT file easily and we need not to struggle with other tools.

We can use PDF to PPT file in Google drive also so that if there is missing in Google drive we can access easily from the mail itself and there is nothing missing in your folder and represent in a current manner.

The PDF file is unchangeable so that we can use PDF to PPT converter. It helps us to change anything and everywhere in PC and portable device like Tablet, and Mobile phone.

Power Point Presentation was introduced in the year(1984 to 1987) in Silicon Valley and this software was founded by Robert Gaskins and Austin. The company Forethought was founded by Robert Gaskins and Austin in the year of 1983 and used to create a new environment and graphic user interface and used to restart a latest plan.

On July 5, 1984 Forethought Corporation hired Robert Gaskin as a Vice president(VP) post for the development of PPT software and he introduced the new products like Microsoft Windows, Graphical User interface and IMac etc. After a Couple of Months Forethought Corporation introduced Power Point for a couple of documents such as Power Point Graphics and Power Point Presentation. In the year 1984, October Robert Gaskin hired Austin as a software developer for the Forethought Corporation. Both of them worked very hard and developed a new product named as Microsoft 1.0 which is documented on August 21, 1985 which was boon at that time.

After the development of Power Point Presentation they named the new product as “Presenter”. Before the release of this product Forethought Corporation registered the product for the trademark licence but unfortunately it was rejected because the name was already used by someone else.

The Apple corporation donated 14 million US dollars for the development of PPT in the year of 1987. A few months later, Forethought appointed John Scully as a CEO of the company. Within 4 months John Scully announced that “We see the PPT is one of the best tools for the development of Computer software in the worldwide manner. The Version Power Point 1.0 was shipped from Silicon Valley and they sold out more than 10000 unit in a few months and PPT plays a good role in the current market.

We can convert any type of document like Excel, Word, Power point, Tiff, GIF, BMP, Text, JPG, PNG, PDF file into Power Point file with the help of PPT converter by dropping or uploading our document. It will automatically convert into PPT file. It is a free service for document up to 20 pages or 50 MB. By using our free service you do not need to sign-in, enter your email address or any contact phone number. FacePdf does not store any of your documents or PPT file. You do not need to install any applications or software for using FacePdf. It is absolutely free and our service is not only performed in Google Chrome but also it can also perform the task in many other Browsers such as, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. You can use the free PPT file document anywhere or everywhere with the help of internet connection. We are providing the best solution of content without affecting the quality of the document.

Benefits/Merits of PPT Converter:

  1. Shows the presentation screen on portable device like Computer, Tablet and desktop.
  2. Used as a Paper Presentation
  3. Distribute your files on the portable device without using the power point.
  4. Spread the presentation paper on the web.
  5. Overlap in a webpage or blog.
  6. Spread on a various social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

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