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Doc Converter:

The PDF is converted into a Document (Doc) file with the help of PDF to DOC converter which is offered by the company FacePdf. Actually, MS Document was founded by the corporation Microsoft, which is working under the present version of Mac OS X and operating system is Microsoft windows which were launched in the year of 2010. The present model is Solid Converter PDF 9.0 for windows and solid PDF Document for the version of Mac 2.1. The similar technology used by the product Solid Frame-work SDK is licensed by the Adobe corporation for the version of Acrobat X.


The second version of solid converter, PDF was launched in the year 2004. In 2004, solid converter, PDF files used only for editing purpose. This is the oldest tool for editing purpose before launching the document file. The fourth version/ model was launched in the year 2008. To overcome the difficult features in solid PDF, Microsoft launched the new product named as Document(Word). The main advantage of this updated version is to directly edit your PDF file. In the year of November 2008 Microsoft launched the new features in the latest updated version like table editing, workflow development, watermark, Extract PDF to .csv. After a few years, Microsoft again launched new updated version 8.0. In this version, Microsoft developed the software which is helping us to allow visitors to scan PDF easily. The advantage of this version is to increase the speed of the processors and working performance.

The version 9.0 was launched in the year 2014 for recovery of past data which is entered in the early stage. The version 9.0 is the main role plays the Microsoft corporation to stimulate the development of new product like Microsoft Excel.

Mac OS X Model/ Version:

This is the first brand of Mac OS X operating system which was introduced in the year 2008 and then the latest model of Mac OS X launched in the year 2014. This version was supported for OS X 10.10. It supports several features as Solid converter PDF including MS office and OCR. It is not like Windows OS and it helps us to convert Solid PDF file to iWork procedure pages and open files dialog interface behalf of WYSIWYG editor.


We can convert any type of document like Excel, Word, Power point, Tiff, GIF, BMP, Text, JPG, PNG, PDF file into document file with the help of document (doc) converter by dropping or uploading our document. It will automatically convert into PDF file. It is a free service for document up to 20 pages or 50 MB. By using our free service you do not need to sign-in, enter your email address or any contact phone number. FacePdf does not store any of your documents or PDF file. You do not need to install any applications or software for using FacePdf. It is absolutely free and our service is not only performed in Google Chrome but also it can also perform the task in many other Browsers such as, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. You can use the free PDF file document anywhere or everywhere with the help of internet connection. We are providing the best solution of content without affecting the quality of the document.

Additional Features:

It overcomes the problem of PDF files and we can easily convert this file into .doc format. Additional Features like table recovery, table editing, friendly user interface, hyperlink detection, adding watermark, alternation of pages and PDF creation. The oldest version of 7.0 is difficult to install Microsoft Office in Open XML formats. The present version of Document file is 9.0 which is updated drastically in the conversion format.

Merits/Benefits of Document(Doc) file:

  1. Editing the content is very easy.
  2. Storage space of Document file is huge.
  3. Don’t need to create RTF files.
  4. Adding more features without affecting the previous features.
  5. The new features include Page setting, text editing, table recovery, graphs, charts, formatted text, security purpose and image adding.
  6. Easily Compatible
  7. Capacity to reduce the large file.
  8. Portable

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