DOCX is the new version of DOC format. They are both opened using Microsoft Word itself. A DOCX is an effective XML format, making it extremely popular. This tool is extremely beneficial for working eras as it converts the PDF into a word file within a couple of seconds.

There is a specific procedure for converting these files into the required format, so we have to follow that procedure for better results. The converting of PDF file into DOCX file is easy, there is no hard and fast rule for converting it.

Steps for converting PDF to DOCX :

  1. Select the tool firstly which PDF to DOCX.
  2. Choose the file which is to be converted into a DOCX file.
  3. The process starts of converting the DOCX file
  4. When the file is totally converted then the message appears: Download the converted file.
  5. And then download the file from this tool

This is an example of the processing of converting the PDF file to a doc file. This shows us the percentage completion on the screen while the procedure takes place. It shows us 100 % when the file is completely converted. Then we can download the  DOCX file by clicking on Download converted PDF file.

PDF to DOCX is said to be the best and wonderful tool for this generation as it can solve many problems of youth easily. PDF to DOCX can give us the doc file. Then we can make changes in that doc file according to our needs. 

We can access the PDF to DOCX tool with Google drive as well, so that if you have anything which is not physically available or not available on your mobile phones, so you can receive it by mail and then convert the file and represent it in a presentable manner.

A PDF file is not editable that is why you have to convert any PDF file to a DOCX file, so you can make changes easily at a particular time.  PDF to DOCX converter can be opened on any PC or mobile device. 


  • Save time: It saves time. As it has the drag and drops feature by which we can drag any file and the result come within seconds when the procedure completes it shows us the message with the conversion complete.
  • No required for retyping any data from PDF to DOCX, you can get the same data with the help of this converter.
  • You can edit or resize the images and reallocate the images at the desired places, we can minimize the file size also.
  • Charts and many different charts are shown in DOCX for the better presentation of data that makes our PDF creative and attractive.

This is very useful for every person whether he/she belongs to the education sector, corporate, or any industry. Nowadays everything is online, as well as the education system, the book, and other basic needs are available on the internet in the form of a PDF file, so you can convert it to the DOCX file.  Then you can change or edit the file for the short description, which you can use in the form of notes/text.

There are many converters available that help us in converting the PDF to DOCX but FacePdf is the best converter for the conversion of PDF files.

This is the best and friendly application that converts our PDF file to any file format which we want in very less time. It shows us the best result in a better way without any difficulties.  You can also protect PDF files for security or privacy purpose.

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