A quick guide on how to use FacePdf, to convert, compress, watermark or edit PDFs via a simple drag and drop.

Welcome visitors from all over the World. FacePdf is available: ONLINE, ONSITE (to run on your own Server) and we offer CUSTOM SOLUTIONS.

First some history, the Portable Document Format or PDF, as it is commonly known, was first developed in 1993 to make it possible for people to present and share documents with their formats, tests, and images as-is regardless of the application, hardware, and operating system they were created with.

This format used to be proprietary and controlled by Adobe, the company that created it, until it became an open standard in 2008. As a result, PDF has become a universal document format that people anywhere in the world adopt and accept.

PDF is a popular search term on Google. Hence we named our company FacePdf, easy to remember and easily searchable.

Nowadays it is all about working Smart, which means, using tools to enhance productivity and save costs. FacePdf, is for free and no hidden license fees required.

Most FacePdf online tools follow the same process, which consists of a one-click upload, quick conversion, and another click to download. We will explain the process below for you.

How to use FacePdf:

  1. Go to our homepage and choose the tool by clicking on one of the “squares”.
  2. Drag a file into the shaded area. You have several other uploading options as well.
  3. Most tools should start working on the file right away.
  4. For some tools, further steps may be required to complete the required task.
  5. Download the converted document to your local drive.

So if you want any of these primary conversion tools:

  • Productivity on-the-go
  • Simultaneous collaboration
  • Support e-signature
  • Protect sensitive documents
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Then FacePdf has you covered, whether you are a free-lancer, student, project manager or a company employee. Using FacePdf takes your “game” to the next level.

Another important topic these days is DATA SECURITY. So are you safe and secure using FacePdf? The answer is YES. We host our site in Switzerland with a world class ISO certified data center and we delete all the files within 1 hour of you using our services. In addition, our hosting meets all the GDPR requirements.

Finally, CLIMATE CHANGE and ENVIRONMENT are the main issues of the day with daily news coverage. How is FacePdf PDFs contributing to this effort? The fact that using PDFs really goes in line with environmental efforts is not lost on us. It’s a main reason why we offer a PDF Editor. We are actively on a mission to convince others to adopt a paperless approach to life. Making your documents digitally, is fiscally responsible and it also helps contribute to Climate Control efforts.